12.08.2015 10:37
A day with Bonsai village & “ banh Te” cake

Less than 20 km from Hanoi, we drive or cycle forward the north to head this green, peace and strange village. The local people are closed and friendly. They work hard to provide bonsai and...

12.08.2015 10:37
Gardening at Xuan quan flower village

Since a modern park built at the next village, the farmer there did not plan rice any more. They seed flowers. So many kinds of flowers all over the world seem to appear in the village and the...

24.08.2015 05:00
Teaching the cute kids in the An An kinder garden

AN AN KINDER GARDEN is a school in Hanoi center; it is just 10 minutes cycling from the garden to Hoan Kiem Lake. Most children here are the luckiest one in Vietnam. Their parents have good income...

24.08.2015 04:54
An elegant Sampan

Together with the bridge, the local Mekong delta has a sampan for their movement. There is nothing to talk about if you don’t know that, there are some children have never left their house...

24.08.2015 04:53
A hearted  bridge for children

Mekong delta is one of the most important parts of Vietnam. Most of exported rice is from here. Think of Mekong delta, people think of the water way. Yes, the local go to market by sampan, go to...

14.08.2015 03:17
A house for the buffalo

Come back to early 19th, the cows played a very important role in the life of the farmer. yes, they cows did most of the works on the farm from: digging, carrying product from the farm back home,...

11.06.2018 05:23
Tour hay - Tour Chất

Khám phá vùng đất Tân Cương - Trung Quốc

12.08.2015 11:57
About us

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12.08.2015 11:27
Viet Nam, where and when?

Vietnam is a country of multi-ethnic, multicultural. Experiencing the ups and downs of history and climate factors, Vietnam...

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